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GOT-A-GO, INC. is the ONLY local dealer of Rhino Safety Barriers. 

Rhino Safety Barriers are the leading portable products for routing or channeling vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  They are manufactured from tough polyethylene for superior strength and durability.  They are lightweight which allows for easy storage and transporting.  No crane or boom trucks are required.  One person can move empty Rhino Safety Barriers and two people can easily set up over 200 feet in under 30 minutes.  Rhino Barriers offer many advantages over portable concrete barriers including cost and reusability. 

Each barrier is seven and a half feet long and when filled with water, the barriers weigh up to 1000 pounds.  They are the only portable polyethylene barrier available with a unique pivot system allowing hinged barriers to angle up to 45'.  The pins tightly lock for strength and security.

Why choose Rhino Safety Barriers?

Cost and Service Benefits:
Light weight - one person can move empty barriers Pin pivot system - up to 45' angle
Two people can set up 200 feet in under 30 minutes End caps (can be joined)
Portable Semi-retractable lynch pin can be tightly locked for security
Reusable Safety lights available
Easy to stack, store and transport Twelve safety reflectors
Eliminate need for crane or boom truck Easy-fill ports with secure caps
Less damage to equipment and personnel Easy-drain ports with secure locking caps
Cost effective compared to portable concrete barriers Decorative / distinctive safety colors
Year around service in any climate.   Tough molded polyethylene for superior and durability
Will accept display banners for advertising and fencing All plastic - one-piece construction
  Water fill for added weight and security
  Space for company signage to be added for advertising
  Overall length 7.5 feet
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