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Septic Services


Yes....they are still in use.  GOT-A-GO, INC. is just the company to service yours.

We can usually be on site within a day.  Knowledgeable drivers can answer many of your questions on the who, what, when and how of your septic tanks.

Basic Information Every Homeowner Should Know:

Clean your septic tank every one to three years:
Rule of thumb - once every three years for a three bedroom home with four occupants and no garbage disposal.

Use a good quality toilet tissue:

High wet-strength is not suitable.

Use of a garbage disposal:

You will most likely need to have your septic system pumped on an annual basis.  Ground garbage will usually find a way out of the septic tank and plug up your drain field.

Soap and detergent use:

Using too much soap or detergent can cause problems with your septic system.

Do Not:

  • Put coffee grounds down sink
  • Pour cooking fats down the sink
  • Flush sanitary products
  • Flush cigarette butts
  • Flush disposable diapers
  • Flush wet-strength towels
  • Dump cleaning water from latex paint
  • NEVER go down into a septic tank


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