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Pumping your septic system every 3-5 years should prevent an expensive backup. However, not knowing where your septic system is in your yard will make it difficult to spot and repair leaks or flooding in a timely manner. The following potential solutions may help you locate your septic system tank for your home.

Locate the Main Sewer Line

Locate the main sewer line in your basement or crawl space. It is 4” in diameter and made from cast iron or PVC pipe. Note where this pipe exits your home then go outside to the corresponding spot. Drain pipes are in straight lines. So, in theory, you should be able to find your septic system tank by tracing this straight line from the drain pipe to the septic system tank.

Indications of a large, buried object may be a large divot or hill, or patchy parts of the lawn. If an untreated septic system has reached its limit, you may find it by smell. Typically, you will not see your septic system near a well water system, paved surface or major yard features like a pool.

Your septic system tank may have one or two lids. There will be two lids if it has dual compartments for filtering and breaking down waste. Lids are usually up from the main tank, making a soil probe an ideal tool to find them.

Use a Probe

Any probe-like object such as a four-foot piece of rebar will work. Do not push the probe too hard when searching your yard. You do not want to damage your septic system tank lid. You may need to tap the probe with a mallet to search for a septic tank that has been deeply buried. Septic tanks can be installed up to four feet deep. You will need to uncover the lid with a shovel.

Find Clues

Should this fail and your home is not too old to have public records, you can try checking with your city, town or county records for a septic system permit.

If the homes in your neighborhood are similar, a neighbor may know where their septic system is buried and from that, you might guess the location of your own septic system.

Mark The Spot

It is important to mark your septic tank location as soon as you find it. Do not rely on memory. A lawn ornament placed over the lid is ideal for marking the spot. Also, take measurements from the nearest two corners of your home and record them with your important papers for future reference.

Get Professional Help

If your DIY efforts fail, hire the professionals at Got-A-Go to locate your septic system. Make sure your septic system does not go unmaintained for too long. Trust Got-A-Go with Your Septic Servicing Needs! We have been in the Sanitation Industry for over 20 years. We offer routine and emergency services on all types and models of septic systems, no matter the age or complexity. Call us today at 859-282-7700 to schedule your septic service visit! Got-A-Go, Northern Kentucky Septic Pumping, and Portable Toilet Rentals.

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