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How to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Winter

Winters in Ohio and Kentucky can be pretty intense. On top of shoveling driveways and scraping ice off the cars, septic owners also have to keep an eye on their septic tank. The colder months can bring new challenges. Make sure your septic system is ready for the snowy season with these tips.


Have a professional inspect both the tank and lid so they can identify any issues that need to be addressed before the snow hits. A professional can examine the tank to ensure there are no leaks and that all components are working. They will also be able to tell you if it’s time to get it pumped. Have the lid looked at to make sure it does not have any holes or cracks. When your lid is tightly secure, the internal heat will stay trapped inside the tank, helping to maintain the breakdown process.


Consider getting your tank pumped before the snow begins to set in. Frozen grass, heavy snow, and slippery ice can make it difficult for technicians to properly dig up your septic tank. The extra time and tools needed to access the tank can also result in a more costly service.


The extra rainwater from the snow often causes sump pumps to fail this time of year.  Continue to check the sump pump compartment throughout the winter to ensure it is working properly. Melted snow around the septic lid is normal, but if you see puddles of water in the grass and around your lids, it is often a sign of a failed sump pump. Using a high-water alarm can also help to notify you if the sump pump is failing by tracking the water levels.


The warmer the ground and your tank are, the more efficiently your septic system will function. Try to refrain from mowing your lawn near the end of fall to allow it to grow a thicker layer over your septic system. This will help to insulate the soil and retain the snow over your secondary treatment as long as possible.


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