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Common Septic Tank Problems cont.

Vehicle damage

As septic tanks are underground it’s not always obvious where they are. Some people don’t even know they exist so!

Most properties that rely on septic tanks are out in the lovely countryside. It can sometimes, (on rare occasions) be that farm vehicles such as tractors drive over your septic tank. Again, depending on where your septic tank is, someone could also park on it.

This extra weight can put enough pressure on your septic tank and cause some significant damage. Possibly even causing it to collapse. So make sure septic tanks are clearly marked to avoid any extra weight, if you use a soakaway system it’s best to keep this contained and marked out as well.

Pressure of the Hydro-static variety

This is a very rare occurrence, but it can happen. Hydro-static pressure occurs when the volume of water beneath the tank is so high it cause the tank to “pop out of the ground”.

If this happens it’s a very serious problem and needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible by trained professionals.

Your tank is old

Believe it or not some tanks can be very old. We’re talking 100 years old. These can vary drastically to new models. For example, they would not have had dip pipes and would often have been a single instead of double chamber structure.

Now if you’re tank is this old it will still be doing its job as best as it can. However, this will be nowhere as efficient as a newer model. Due to its age it may be more susceptible to clogs, breaks, and other types of damage.

Not installed properly

Your septic tank could have been doomed from the start. Correctly installing a septic tank or soakaway is not an easy job, and there’s always a chance of human error.

As you can imagine there could be a handful of problems arising if your septic tank is not installed properly. However, the biggest issue will be if the system does not comply with legislation.

If this is the case the owner of the property can be prosecuted. So, it’s no joke. No one wants to go to prison over a dodgy septic tank.

There are two things you need to ensure.

  • Make sure a percolation test is undertaken. This can be used to ensure that the ground conditions are suitable for a soakaway. It will also help determine the correct size and depth of the septic tank soakaway.
  • Make sure your installation complies with applicable British Standards or Environment Agency legislation.

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