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Common Septic Tank Problems cont.

A collapsed baffle

Nope, this isn’t a medical condition. However, this is a very serious septic tank problem.

The baffle is actually a barrier within the tank. It makes sure none of the lumpy stuff escapes into the septic tank soakaway system. So, if this collapses that solid stuff (effluent) could get into your soakaway system and cause blockage. This could then mean all the wastewater backs up into your house. Which is a big fat no.

Lack of consistent maintenance

This is probably the most common problem, and it’s the easiest one to avoid. It is essential to get your septic tank emptied regularly.

The exact schedule will vary from tank to tank, for some it’s once a year, but for others, it could be 4-5. For some, the septic tank system may never need to be emptied. Nevertheless regular emptying will keep your septic tank in the best condition, and avoid anymore common septic tank problems from popping up.

It’s important to keep on top of your schedule, most septic tank emptying companies will be able to schedule you in. If you know it’s yearly, just book the same date every year with the same company and your sorted.

A Damaged Dip Pipe

Depending on the type of septic tank you have will dictate whether it has dip pipes, a baffle or both. Dip pips perform a similar function to the baffle we touched on earlier. It makes sure the correct type of waste flows into the soakaway system.

In case you forgot, no lumpy stuff.

Sometimes during inspections, the dip pip is often found chilling at the base of the tank. (It’s not meant to be chilling).

This can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly it’s been knocked off during emptying. When this happens, the wrong stuff gets into the septic tank soakaway system, and you guessed it, can get back into your house.

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