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A drainfield is a safe, natural way to alleviate the waste generated by your septic system. However whenever waste is involved, there are inherent dangers and safety precautions that must be taken. With some planning and common sense, you can ensure that you stay safe and your field is protected.


  • Gases – Waste produces methane gas which is highly flammable. Keep all fire sources away from your system. These include smoking, fireworks, grills, and any other type of flame. Methane gas can overtake a person working in and around a system. Never work alone around your system and do not lean over the opening of your septic tank.
  • Structures – Your drainfield needs to remain clear of any type of large obstructions. These include patios, carports, sheds, driveways, pools, livestock, and playgrounds. While it is perfectly safe for children to play over a drainfield, large equipment can damage your system and prove difficult to move should you need to make a repair.
  • Water – When your drainfield is working properly, it will slowly secrete moisture back into the soil. The drainfield functions best when additional water is kept to a minimum. Avoid plants on or near the drainfield that require excessive watering. Also make sure that water run-off from structures and paved surfaces is diverted away from your drainfield.
  • PPE – Be sure to clean and properly cover any cuts or scrapes on your body before working in your drainfield or near your system. Exposure to bacteria and viral hazards can cause infections. Thoroughly clean and disinfect your hands and body after contact with your system.
  • “No Drive” Zone – Planning a party or family gathering on your property? Be sure to establish a “no driving or parking” zone around your drainfield. Vehicles on your drainfield can damage the pipes, causing the drainfield to stop functioning properly.
  • Replacement Field – Septic system building permits require that a replacement field be established in the event that the primary drainfield fails and must be replaced. That area should be treated with the same care and restrictions as your working drainfield.


Your drainfield is an integral part of your septic system. Proper precautions will help ensure your system keeps working as it should. For all of your septic system maintenance and inspection needs, call the professionals at Got-A-Go