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Healthy Septic Systems And The Planet


There are excellent reasons for septic pumping Northern Kentucky, including keeping harmful pathogens and germs out of your drinking water supply to preserve the value of your property and the environment. In addition, it will reduce the likelihood of future expenses by keeping your system running smoothly. How long has it been? Do you recall when someone last pumped your septic tank?


Septic Pumping Is an Integral Part of Protecting the Environment


However, much misinformation surrounding septic pumping can lead homeowners to make inevitable mistakes. Therefore, you must educate yourself before having your septic system pumped out professionally. By understanding the facts about septic systems and proper septic pumping techniques, you’ll be able to take better care of this crucial part of your family’s waste disposal system. Here are some things you need to know about septic pumping in Northern Kentucky and the environment.


What Happens When You Don’t Pump Septic Tanks Regularly?


Septic systems are designed only to hold so much waste material, and when they overflow with waste, the resulting seepage harms your drinking water supply. The US EPA estimates that around 80% of all groundwater contamination is caused by failing septic tanks. Failing or damaged tank components allow harmful microbes to contaminate your water supply with E. coli, coliform, and other toxic substances. Eliminating buildups will make the environment healthier.


The Benefits of Having Your Tank Pumped Regularly Far Outweigh the Potential Costs


Reducing the likelihood of future expenses by keeping your system running is a prime benefit. By having your septic tank system inspected and pumped regularly, you can avoid potentially costly repairs down the road. In addition, reducing environmental hazards (from failing septic systems) – septic pumping is vital for protecting our water supplies and preserving your property value by preventing future septic system problems.


Regular maintenance always beats paying for long-overdue repairs. However, keeping your septic system running at peak efficiency is as simple as finding the Northern Kentucky area experts who can keep yours operating efficiently.


How Often Should Your Tank Be Pumped?


Pumping your tank system every three to five years ensures that you won’t have to worry about any issues in the short term. After that, you can have it pumped more or less frequently based on the size of your household, how much water you use, and when you notice seepage around your system.


Although failing septic tanks are not the only cause of contaminated groundwater, they are a primary cause. Other familiar sources include agricultural runoff (leaching fertilizer) and mishandled chemical waste (servicing vehicles at local gas stations). Estimates say anywhere between 6% and 40% of all private drinking water wells suffer from contamination with coliform bacteria due to septic system problems.


Choosing a Reputable Septic Pumping Company


When choosing a septic pumping company, you need to look for professional qualifications and experience. You should only hire an accredited septic hauler with the proper certifications – most states require tank pumping companies to be licensed. Also, make sure you’re entitled to a warranty on any work performed.

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