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We are all guilty of ignoring a warning sign here or there: that unfamiliar sound coming from your car, a slight change in your health, loose shingles on the roof. Sometimes we get away with a little procrastination and other times it comes back to bite us. When it comes to your septic system though, ignoring any of these tell-tale signs can result in some costly clean-ups and repairs.


  1. Strong odor. This seems like a given right? But perhaps you are the new owner of a property or haven’t spent much time outside recently because of weather. If you detect any sort of pungent odors, especially the smell of sulfur (rotten eggs), it’s best to have a professional inspect.
  2. Lawn Irregularities. “Gosh if only I could get the rest of my yard to look as good as that small part over there”! Areas of greener, more lush grass in your lawn or shrubbery growing stronger than its surroundings may be signs that your drainfield is failing. The lawn is benefiting from the extra fertilizer. Good news for the grass; bad news for you.
  3. Standing Water. All properties have to deal with rain water. The lowest parts of your property is where rain water will drain to and in many cases collect. It’s when you start to notice standing or pooling water in other parts of your property, particularly if it has an odor to it, that you should be concerned. This water is not only unsightly but poses a health risk to you and your family.
  4. Gurgling Pipes. If you hear chugs and groans when you flush or run water inside, it is likely your tank is full and needs to be pumped out.
  5. Slow Drains. When water is draining slowly or your toilet is struggling to flush properly, it could be that it is time to clean out your tank. It could also be a sign of a larger problem with a clog somewhere in the system.
  6. Water Backing Up. If water (or worse yet sewage!) is backing up into your drains when you use large amounts of water, it is time to call a professional immediately.

Don’t wait until a little issue becomes an expensive and messy hassle. Got-a-Go is Northern Kentucky’s septic pumping and service company. We are your solution to any septic system issues. We’ll get to the bottom (literally!) of your problem and work out a solution to keep your property and family clean and safe.