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What comes to mind when you think of portable toilets? Luxury and comfort? Probably not! Portable toilets are known for their ease and utility, but usually not what one thinks of for a glamorous occasion like a special industry event, anniversary party, or wedding. The iconic sterile blue portable restroom is a go-to, but it’s an eyesore and just won’t cut it for grander events. Taking care of your guests and making sure their every need is looked after is crucial no matter the kind of event you’re holding. 

Current health precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic are leading to a lot more outdoor events. If you’re planning on holding your event in an outdoor setting or anywhere that, for whatever reason, does not have adequate restroom facilities – or any at all, for that matter – you’re left with the problem of dealing with your guests’ restroom needs. If they have to go, they have to go, and the limitations of your event venue won’t make an adequate excuse for the lack of a proper restroom. 

You’ll be happy to know that your outdoor event can provide your guests with the restroom accommodations they need without sacrificing comfort or class. 

Check out Posh Potties! These luxury portable restroom rentals are so much more than what you might imagine possible for portable toilets. They are comfortable, safe, and clean, fitted with convenient amenities and a stunning design including toilets that flush, running water, air conditioning, heat, exhaust fans, carpeting, AM/FM CD stereo, wall mount trash cans, and vanity mirrors. The Posh Potty is available in 14 or 16 foot self contained trailers.   See more here.

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