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Like most other components found inside homes, septic tanks also rely on routine maintenance to function properly. Failing to do so not only decreases their operational life but also increases the risk of costly and dangerous failures.

A malfunctioning or failed septic tank runs the risk of polluting the environment and spreading diseases to both humans and wildlife.

To assist homeowners in increasing the life of septic systems and keeping diseases at bay, in this blog, we’ll share 3 reasons for septic tank failure.

Physical Damages

Building, paving, or driving on top of septic systems may result in serious damages. Along with the pipes, a septic tank can shift its position or be completely crushed by repeated abuse. Such activities often impact the soil in a way that exposes the septic system’s components and causes untreated wastewater to seep into the ground.

Building over a tank prevents air from entering the soil and makes it harder and costlier to carry out repairs or maintenance. External dangers also exist in the form of tree roots that can enter the tank or plumbing pipes and cause blockages.

Eliminating the risk of such damages requires careful planning. Septic systems should ideally be built at least 25 ft away from trees as well as roads or sites where future construction might take place.

Excessive Water Usage

Another common reason for septic tank failure is excessive water entering the system. Septic tanks are built keeping a specific capacity in mind. When the usage exceeds its limits, the tank is unable to absorb all the water and pushes it back up the pipes or into the yard.

This problem is usually caused by issues with the plumbing system. Examples include burst pipes, leaking faucets, and excessive water use either due to installing new appliances like dishwashers and washing machines or more people in the house.

Poor Maintenance

Poor or a complete lack of maintenance is the primary cause behind premature tank failure. Have the tank pumped at least every 5 years and also ask the experts to carry out inspections. According to Cornell University, decreasing water use may help salvage a septic system that hasn’t failed completely.

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