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Septic systems are a vital component for removing waste from your home safely. Typically, septic tanks get buried underground or placed under a slab foundation.

Septic systems are essential to keeping your home clean and safe because they remove waste from your home and prevent contaminating local waterways, which could cause outbreaks of cholera and typhoid fever. 

Situations That Can Cause Septic System Issues

Unfortunately, septic systems can get backed up from time to time due to many reasons. Here are some of them:

Tree roots –  If tree roots grow through the septic lines, they could cause blocked or burst pipes that fail to function. 

Non-flushable solid materials – A buildup of non-flushable materials, such as paper towels, women’s care products, and toilet paper not approved for septic tanks can cause a blockage. 

Garbage Disposals – Homes with septic systems should not have a garbage disposal. Debris that’s doesn’t fully break down can create a sludge that can cause blockages in any part of the septic system.

Septic Pumping Northern Kentucky helps to keep your septic system running without issues.

Keep The Pipes Flowing

When you flush the toilet, water flows through pipes that carry the waste away from your house. These pipes connect to a mainline that carries the waste down to your septic tank. When the tank fills, it needs emptying. 

Professional septic pumping services are the most efficient way to empty a full septic system. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Septic System?

A septic system provides several benefits:

  1. Septic systems keep your home free of sewage.
  2. It reduces the pollution going into nearby lakes and rivers.
  3. It protects your property against flood damage.
  4. It prevents disease and illness.

Septic Systems Prevent Disease

Septic systems keep your home healthy. However, sewage contains harmful germs that can make people sick. For example, if someone gets diarrhea after eating food contaminated with feces, they’re likely to contract a disease called shigella. Shigella is one type of germ that spreads through human waste.

Septic systems help prevent these illnesses because they remove the waste before it reaches the earth’s surface. In addition, they protect the environment by preventing polluted runoff from flowing into streams and lakes.

Reduce Flood Damage

Flooding is a common problem during heavy rainstorms. However, if your home has a septic system, it won’t flood when it rains. Instead, the wastewater goes into the soil instead of directly into the lake or river.

As you might imagine, this is beneficial for the entire environment and everyone in your home.

Septic Pumping Northern Kentucky Helps You When You Need It

When your septic system is full, you don’t want to waste time not addressing the issue. Got A Go Rentals and Septic Service is available to help you handle this pressing need! Please get in touch with us to speak with a specialist today.

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