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Winter will be here before we know it! Regardless of snowfall totals for the season, we are sure to have our share of frigid cold spells. When it comes to your septic system, knowing what to do (and of course what not to do) can go a long way towards making sure your system stays fully functional through even the coldest snaps.

Be sure to have any maintenance completed in the fall before the weather turns. Pumpings and inspections are best accomplished when the weather is mild. If you are already experiencing issues with slow drains or a partial blockage, cold temperatures could exacerbate the problem. Take care not to mow the grass over your system too short on that final mowing. The additional length will help to insulate the system.

Once the snow arrives, it is important to properly manage the accumulation over your system. The best strategy is leave the snow undisturbed. This allows the snow to act as an insulator, trapping the ground and system’s heat near your pipes where it is needed. Driving vehicles or any heavy traffic will impact the snow into the ground, pushing its icy contents closer to your pipes. While plowing the snow might seem like a good solution, the heavy equipment could damage the pipes made brittle by the cold.

Some might tell you that allowing your faucets to drip in the winter is a good way to keep pipes from freezing. But the reality is that a tiny trickle will feed an already freezing pipe with enough water to freeze completely, while not providing enough water to keep things moving. In fact it is recommended you repair any leaky or dripping faucets prior to the cold months. Instead of a constant drip, use each faucet regularly with the warmest water available to avoid freezing.

Finally, it is important to know your system’s limitations. The holidays are times of gatherings of family and friends. These events can put considerable strain on your system during an already taxing time due to the weather. Be aware of your system’s health and capacity to avoid a backup or worse during the yuletide season.

Your friends at Got-A-Go are ready to take you through the winter months. Call us today to schedule a fall inspection so you can enjoy the season with the peace of mind that your septic system is healthy and ready for anything winter can throw at it!