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Covid-19 has, for the moment, changed how we do many things in our everyday life. Sadly, the need for social distance has forced the cancellation or postponement of numerous fairs, festivals, concerts, and similar large gatherings. Still, you may find yourself in need of alternative waste facilities for your job site, home, or business. Here are key points to keeping your rental facility clean during this uncertain time:


  • Disinfect Surfaces – Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected regularly. Be sure to wear proper protective equipment (PPE) while cleaning. At Got-A-Go, our policy is to fully service our rented toilets once a week. However additional cleanings can be requested.
  • Encourage Masks – While masks may not be needed when working outside, the minute you enter a portable toilet, you are no longer outside. Rather you are in a very small, self-contained space with minimal ventilation and air movement. Consider requiring use of masks to reduce the amount of airborne particles in this space.
  • Improve Ventilation – Aerosols can remain in the air for several hours. This is a major concern for a small space such as a portable toilet. Propping the door open for a half hour to an hour after use can allow these airborne particles to escape. This may require you to set up your portable toilet in a less centralized location to minimize the effect of odor on the site.
  • Available Supplies – There is nothing worse than using a public restroom and realizing it is out of toilet paper or hand cleaning supplies. Make sure to have plenty of products available to keep your portable toilet well stocked. Also it is helpful to designate a member of your staff to regularly check the toilet and ensure all supplies are available.
  • Hand Washing Stations – Hand sanitizer is better than nothing but it cannot compare to the cleaning and disinfecting power of washing your hands with soap and water. Renting a handwashing station to accompany your portable toilet will help keep all who use it safe. To help reduce germs on hard surfaces, encourage hand washing both before and after use of the toilet… 20 seconds minimum!
  • Go Big or Go Home – For a larger space that includes an air conditioned environment, consider rental of our Posh Potty! Ideal for weddings and other special events, our Posh Potty has toilets that flush, running water, air conditioning, heat, exhaust fans, carpeting, AM/FM CD stereo, wall mount trash cans and vanity mirrors. The Posh Potty is available in 14 or 16 foot self contained trailers.


In these uncertain times one thing is for certain… you Got-A-Go! Keep your guests, workers, and/or patrons safe with a clean waste management system from the pros at Got-A-Go. Give us a call today!